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Louella Frost

Leaders Flourish

Lights in the Dark


I am a performance Coach, facilitating professional and personal growth and achievement with clinicians and leaders in the health and disability sectors. 

As a qualified coach and experienced allied health leader and manager, I focus on coaching health professionals to be at their best in their working lives, for themselves, their clients and their teams. 

With 20 years of experience in clinical environments, I understand the challenges of juggling the needs of clients, meeting the changing expectations of employers, and working in very busy teams, all whilst aiming to leave "something in the tank" for oneself!

My hope for the future is that each of us working for others, chooses to invest wisely in ourselves, and to flourish. It would be a privilege to walk alongside you as you do so, on your professional journey.



I invite you to reach out and connect with me. I will only use your details to return your contact.

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