Flourish with Louella Frost

Leaders Are Made, Not Born

Are you a health professional working in clinical practice and /or a leadership role who at times has feelings of:

  • Overwhelm from pressures or disconnectedness with others at work or home

  • Professional isolation

  • Working longer hours and having intrusive thoughts about work when you are not working

  • Feeling unsure about your own skills and whether you are the right person for the job you are doing

  • Worried about the well-being of others at work and unsure of how to help them

Image by Matteo Vistocco

The reality is, that in their daily professional lives, health professionals are navigating:

  • Once-in-a-generation challenges to health and social care in a global pandemic

  • Increasing expectations from consumers of health services

  • Rapidly changing goalposts in the funding for health services in some sectors

  • Increasing expectations from employers regarding billable outputs, innovation and service excellence that will make the organisations or practices they work for, stand out in the market

  • Being isolated from their team members due to busy caseloads, remote working and crowded meeting agendas

  • Growing responsibilities for management of teams, or supervisor roles where there is the need to lead people in an authentic way and to role model self-leadership

  • Changes in their own personal lives that can challenge them, such as a new baby, financial pressures relating to partner’s work, being separated from friends and family, moving interstate or overseas, breakdown of relationships or physical or emotional health issues.

Image by Ryoji Iwata

Step back, gain clarity and flourish through professional performance coaching. I will thoroughly connect with your professional reality and objectively support you to move forward in your life and career. Understand the barriers holding you back, re-connect with your drive, strengths, passions and values and learn new techniques for your professional sustainability and success.

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