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I am a professional performance coach.

My Story

I have long been fascinated by the journey a health professional makes as they enter the professional world of clinical practice, navigate the choices and challenges of their early years in their profession, achieve inspiring outcomes with their clients, and exhibit leadership in client-clinician relationships and in health care teams.

My own career has included opportunities to manage projects, develop services and lead multi-disciplinary teams, with the benefit of formal studies in leadership and management. Whilst managing, significant changes took place in the funding arrangements for the services my company was delivering – requiring cultural shifts in our people’s thinking about how we related to our clients, the rapid adjustment to the need to secure multiple funding sources, and an increasing need for authentic and inspired leadership of allied health teams whose members were separated from each other by distance and time. Also at this time, I became a mother, and had my first and then second child. The challenges of caring for the health needs of one of my children at the time, whilst leading multiple teams in a dynamic health care environment led to feelings at times of overwhelm, trying hard to pull all the many threads of my life together into a coherent whole. I took a life-changing decision to step away from that role, to stop the “doing” and to re-examine my “being”. Deep reflection enabled me to re-connect with my personal values and strengths, and I began to walk the path of qualifying as a professional coach. I have a renewed sense of focused purpose and energy, and again experience flow, creativity, optimism and excitement in my work, which I bring to all my coaching relationships.

Performance Coaching and Mentoring 

Health professionals typically apply reflective practice in their everyday interactions with clients and in clinical supervision. As a health professional, do you thoroughly reflect on your own feelings, values, beliefs, thoughts and behaviours at work? Do you set and regularly review your progress towards your long-term personal and professional goals, and take action inside and outside of the workplace to achieve these? Who supports you to do this and holds you accountable for doing so? Can you expect your clinical supervisors and managers to shoulder this responsibility for you? Or should you seek your own supports for your own professional sustainability, growth and resilience? This is the value of a professional performance Coach.

Coaching is a partnership designed to support an individual to do their own best thinking, make their own best decisions and be accountable to the actions they set for themselves. It is a series of conversations designed to support, challenge and inspire, for growth beyond and outside the "norm". Commonly accessed by executive managers and business leaders, coaching for professional performance is well understood to assist professionals to navigate change, overcome adversity and break through internal barriers to excellence in their work and careers.

Individual mentoring can be a highly valuable form of tailored learning and development, and is usually more directive in nature than coaching. I will consult with you regarding your individual needs and desired outcomes, to collaboratively identify the optimal approach for you to flourish. My focus is always to help the health professional match their unique strengths and personal values to their daily choices at work, for optimum well-being, balance and performance.  

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