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Flourishing Leaders

The Online Group Leadership Coaching Program for Allied Health Leaders

This program is for allied health professionals who are managing others, such as a Team Leader or Allied Health Manager, and who may or may not have had the opportunity for any formal leadership training. It can also be of benefit to Clinical Supervisors and Mentors who support the development of clinical competency of other allied health professionals. 

The program includes:

  • Individual pre-program session with Louella as their Coach to identify current professional role context, leadership challenges, goals for the program, learning style and pacing.

  • A program of 5 x 2.5 hour online group leadership coaching sessions and a 1 hour online individual leadership coaching session, being a total of 13.5 hours of learning, with additional individual support available throughout the duration of the program.

  • Digital workbooks provided ahead of each group session.

  • Individual post-program follow-up session to consolidate learning and identify personal next steps for leadership development.

Topics featured in this program are:

1. A Coach Approach to Leading Others

2. Tricky Conversations

3. Motivating and Retaining Clinical Staff

4. Managing Performance and Productivity

5. Self-Leadership in Allied Health

What makes this program different to other leadership training?

  • The program has been developed by a qualified Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation, who is also an allied health leader-manager with a professional background leading teams in the disability sector.

  • The group coaching format uses real-life action and behaviour change between sessions for maximum return on time and investment. Your leader is also able to access the knowledge and wisdom of other allied health leaders currently working in the sector in a confidential and safe space.

  • Individual support from Louella, including an individual coaching session, as the leader's own professional performance Coach. The coaching content is tailored to the specific leadership challenges and goals experienced by your leaders.

  • Bite-size sessions 2.5 hours in length enabling learning on the go, without lengthy time away from clinical services

  • Accessible from anywhere in Australia via Zoom

Make contact now if you would like for you, or one of your valued allied health leaders, to be a part of this unique program.

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