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Growing Leaders

The depth of the challenge cannot be underestimated. A vast need for allied health services exists in the Australian disability and aged care sectors, and new solutions to build a strong and healthy workforce are required to meet that need.

The need for allied health services

Allied health care has been identified to be core to the person-centred care of the Australian ageing community at home (1). 76 per cent of organisations in the disability sector plan to increase the volume of their therapeutic support services this year (2).

Building a strong allied health workforce

It has been noted by professional associations that there is evidence of senior therapists beginning to leave the disability sector due to the administrative burden of dealing with the NDIS, leaving less experienced practitioners to provide the services, and often with inadequate clinical supervision and peer support. (3) A number of obvious disincentives for some allied health professions to work in residential aged care facilities exist (4) and significant under-use of the skills of allied health in home based aged care is the norm. (5)

What it means for managers

If you experience any of the following, you are not alone -

  • Frustration at the lack of experienced clinicians applying for your job roles

  • Worry that you can’t provide a consistent service to your valued customers, due to lack of staff

  • Overwhelm about the many and varied needs of your customers, and wondering where you will find suitably skilled staff to meet those needs, and how to provide comprehensive support to staff working with people who have multiple complex needs

  • Concern or panic about the possibility of experienced staff leaving your business and sector altogether

If you don’t have a personal background in allied health, or ready access to consultancy, you may also feel:

  • A deep desire to provide the best health service and solutions for your customers, but worry that you don’t know what you don’t know

  • A nagging concern that your business may lack oversight of clinical performance of your staff

This challenge can take a toll on your energy and optimism, without comprehensive professional supports in place. You want to show up in your professional role with energy and focus to deliver great results – but how do you get that mindset, when the stakes are high, the environment seems chaotic and the pressures are great?


Professional Performance Coaching

Businesses delivering allied health successfully in the disability and aged care sectors are doing something different. In the words of the director of a multidisciplinary allied health practice, “therapists are seeking positions in forward-thinking organisations where work-life balance and a view of the trees from the window is possible” (6).  Creative and forward-thinking solutions are undoubtedly required for your allied health business. You may benefit from support to achieve the focused, clear and lateral thinking required to identify the opportunities, choose the best courses of action and achieve those actions with a high degree of personal accountability. This is the value of a Professional Performance Coach.

I offer individual and team performance coaching for managers, clinicians, and for allied health and support teams.

My service includes the use of a comprehensive performance tool, to understand the natural motivating patterns for each individual at work, and how these patterns may be synergised in work teams and in line management relationships for maximum effect. I offer team training that is based on this analysis, coupled with a comprehensive individual results debrief for each staff member and supply of their individual results reports. This ensures a foundation of understanding for strong team coaching outcomes.


Professional supervision, Mentoring and Allied Health Business Consulting

Experienced health professionals should be offered professional support (7), rather than being assumed to be fully and  independently equipped at all times to deliver complex clinical services, identify and implement new clinical initiatives and quickly adapt to regulatory changes.

I offer professional supervision and mentoring options in my areas of expertise. My allied health management and business development background enables skilled consultancy in selected areas to enable strategic planning and targeted growth of your allied health service.

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