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The dreamer's mindset - dialling up your future focus as a health leader

Do you find yourself going from one meeting to another, one session to another, and having very busy days?

Are you also required in your role to create a vision that anticipates future trends?

Do you need to develop strategy that brings your team along in a journey to achieve that vision?

Perhaps you run your own practice, or you are in a senior leadership role within an organisation. Or perhaps you want to better craft your own health career and develop a clear sense of where you want to get to, and what you want to achieve, in your journey as a health professional.

Sometimes we can have difficulty adopting a future focus, when our natural pattern is to focus on the here and now, and particularly if we also tend to swing immediately into action.

Is this you?

If you’re honest, do you rarely spend time dreaming of a new future, or the possibilities, for yourself, your team or organisation?

Regularly scheduling uninterrupted time and using that time to dial up your future focus, can help you be a more effective leader. Try these simple techniques to build your dreamer’s mindset:

- Place yourself in an environment that you find both comfortable and engaging, for example by standing by moving water, or by going for a walk in the bush.

- Stand or sit with your head symmetrically positioned on your shoulders and look up.

- Notice the thoughts, feelings and ideas that co me to your mind as you ask yourself the following questions -

· What is the dream here, what do I want?

· For what purpose do I want that future?

· What will be the benefits of that new reality?

· Where do I want this dream to take me, or us, in the future?

· What can I do NOW to create that ideal future?

· How can I be more effective by focusing more on the future?

· What opportunities are in store for me, by focusing more on the future?

Dream big, and often! And enjoy the results of taking the time to adopt a future focus in your professional life.

Professional coaching can support you to identify what you want, the steps you will take to get it, and help you overcome the obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving your vision. I invite you to schedule your complimentary online coaching session, and explore how coaching may assist you.

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