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Want to influence others to make a difference? Ask yourself these 5 key questions

I often coach health leaders to dial up their use of influence in their role. Being at ease with having influence is an asset, as it means people will listen to you – so that you can inspire and guide people and outcomes for the better.

However, sometimes the need that we might have for being accepted by others, can get in the way of using our opportunities in leadership to use our influence. This may lead to a lack of action towards improved performance and better results. We may have a skill gap, that is, a lack of knowledge and practice in how to actually influence the people who we lead positively, and feel frustrated by a lack of progress. That frustration may lead us to resort to command-and-control type methods of leadership, that people can experience as micro-managing.

If this resonates with you, try asking yourself these 5 key questions –

1) What could open up for me if I were to increase my influence here?

2) What impact could I make if I was to have a stronger focus on having influence and leading change?

3) What are a range of ways that I can I influence others?

4) What beliefs do I have about leaders who use influence, or appear to seek the opportunity to use it?

5) How could those beliefs be limiting me in this situation, and in my role?

Journaling your thoughts on these questions, or sharing them in a supportive peer coach or professional coach relationship, provides an opportunity to develop your own motivation to influence others.

To then grow your skills in influencing others, focus on:

· Being warm and focus on the quality of the relationships you have with your team

· Ask questions of your people that reflect your curiosity

· Provide opportunities for your people to have autonomy and choices, as much as possible

· Paint a picture of an exciting and rewarding future, that reflects your understanding of what motivates the people you lead.

If you are interested in learning more about building your influence as a leader, consider scheduling a complimentary online coaching session to explore how coaching can assist you.

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